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Getting advice from an expert can save you time, expense and future legal problems. There are two types of consultations available and each one depends on what your situation happens to street sign help and assistancebe. In most cases, a few minutes spent describing the particulars of a case is enough for us to provide answers to specific questions.


Attorney Bruce Colodny offers free initial telephone consultations to individuals who have been arrested, issued a citation to appear in court, contacted by law enforcement as a potential suspect or who anticipate hiring an attorney to represent them in court or administrative proceedings.

If you would like to hire our firm to handle your legal matter, we offer a free initial consultation and if it is appropriate for us to handle your case, we will enter into a fee agreement that outlines the legal fees and costs as well as what aspects of the case are included in our representation. If you need an attorney to handle your legal matter, please call us at (800) 560-8000.


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We also offer one-time paid consultations, either by phone or in one of our offices personally, with no further obligation.

Mr. Colodny can conveniently and efficiently consult with people located anywhere in the United States or abroad by phone; however, he can advise you only concerning California and Federal law.

Many times, we receive telephone calls from persons who have general questions. If you have questions that have not been answered after reading the general legal information that we provide at you may contact our firm to schedule a one-time paid consultation. You can schedule a consultation either by phone or in person, to provide you with details and recommendations based on the specific facts. This helps you to make an informed decision based on the legal options and strategies available.

If you would like to have a one-time meeting to get the answer to a question, get some advice, clarify your situation, have an issue explained, get a second opinion, find out if your record can be cleared or just want to make sure that you will not be making a disastrous mistake, it would be wise to consult with Attorney Bruce Colodny to obtain guidance before you make a decision or cause serious errors that may have been avoided.

For 30 years, we have successfully defended weapon owners, dealers and manufacturers, throughout California in both State and Federal courts who are facing criminal charges involving machine guns, silencers, destructive devices, "assault weapons", use of firearms for self-defense, concealed and loaded weapons and other prohibited items, brandishing, assault, and all other weapon related charges. We have represented numerous firearms dealers, importers and manufacturers in licensing matters with the California Department of Justice Firearms Bureau and the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. We regularly restore the right to own and possess firearms to persons that have lost them due to criminal convictions, mental health detentions and restraining orders. We also have a long record of courtroom victories in defending criminal prosecutions involving knives, martial arts weapons, fireworks and explosives.

Bruce Colodny has educated and warned California gun owners of the many "legal traps" they face through his website, as a frequent guest on radio and television, as legal instructor at firearms training classes, as an author for gun magazines, speaking to numerous clubs and groups, giving seminars, providing free firearms legal information as an exhibitor at gun shows, and distributing his wide variety of free advisory legal guides for California gun owners through sporting goods stores and ranges.

As a noted authority in his field, Bruce Colodny is regularly contacted by television and newspaper reporters for interviews and comments on legal issues and court decisions. Other attorneys frequently consult him and refer a wide variety of complex weapon cases to his office.

He is admitted to practice before all the State and Federal District Courts in California, as well as the Ninth Circuit of the United States Court of Appeal and the United States Supreme Court.

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